Saturday, July 23, 2011

Vacay Fun & Vinyl for T-Shirts & More!

1derfully Made! went on vacation....literally.We spent a fantastic week with our family resting on the beach and 1derfyully made! was not far behind.
When our whole family comes together, the cousins bounce off the walls with excitement. The adults were pondering how on earth we were going to survive 8 days in one condo with 6 adults and 4 (incredibly excited) children ages 4-8 years old. It was a great brainstorm…The Vacay Treasure Box. At first we were concerned with the bribe factor of the treasure box, but the concern drifted into the sunset the minute we all saw the results of a simple saying, “that doesn’t look like treasure box material to me”. I was hooked! Each child got to pick from the treasure box when they showed above and beyond type of behavior or kindness with others. All three families contributed to the box with small trinkets and toys. The box was a hit …. The kids were happy; therefore, the parents were happy! Check it out:

1derfully Made! has BIG NEWS:

Our vinyl design possibilities have just expanded. We now have heat transfer vinyl that can be placed on cotton and other materials. Our designs can now be placed on t-shirts, book bags, or anything you can imagine. Here’s our first heat transfer project:



The fun and designs are endless. Check back soon as new back-to-school
ideas will be posted soon!


A treat for my Mom for vacation fun.

Fun vacation soaps for the bathrooms in our condo

Hmmmm? What could it be....

More vinyl of course! New colors just arrived!

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