Time for a DIY project! You can order letters, monograms, designs, fun sayings, or just about anything you can think of and apply it yourself. Vinyl works great on glass items, walls, mirrors, plastic, lunch boxes, chairs, picture get the point? Think outside the box and design your vinyl decor today!

Vinyl is cut to your specific size and design and then placed on transfer tape.
You will receive your personalized design and directions on how to properly apply the piece.

When ordering please specify:
1. Size (height, as well as width when it applies)
2. Vinyl Color: See "options" page for color choices
Price: Send us your design and we will send you a free quote

**Attention all locals**
 If you are not comfortable applying the vinyl yourself, bring me your item and I will apply it for you!

Ready to Order? Visit the 1derfully Made! Facebook page and send us a message with your choices.