Friday, July 8, 2011

Ordinary to Extraordinary!

Time to cue the Mission Impossible music once more as 1derfully Made! takes ordinary items and turns them into extraordinary personalized gifts.

Our ordinary items started with a clipboard, 3 beach buckets, 1 tub, 4 hand soaps, 2 10 inch plastic dinner plates, 2 dry erase boards, 3-ring binders, and 1 water bottle.

And Viola!....

Dry erase boards come in colors shown above as well as white and are magnetic.

Fun for around the house or beach vacation.

10 inch plastic dinner plate is great for around the pool or with children.

Plates can be personalized with any design and/or name.

Such a sweet tub idea for a bridal shower in Connecticut.

Parker & Cooper were so excited to pick out their own designs. Theses binders will be great for our long car ride for vacation.

Once again, 1derfully Made! proves that you can personalize and vinyl just about anything! Don't forget about 1derfully Made! when you start you school shopping. Our designs can be placed on lunch boxes, pencil boxes, folders and more! Back-to-School pictures and ideas will be posted by August 1st!

Happy Crafting Everyone!

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