Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Launching Pad

I know I have promised pictures for some time. I suppose the only piece to the "launching pad" I forgot to include was a trusty assistant that could remind me to do all those things I have posting pics of the  "launch pad" :

It’s been a fun way to remind the kids of their daily expectations without feeling like a broken record.

I can’t quite convince my husband yet that it’s a good idea to hang their backpacks at the launch pad; however, feel free to flood his facebook page with your thumbs up of approval. J

Believe it or not, my favorite part is the calendar and can easily be replicated in your house in a matter of minutes without spending any money (bonus!). I used an old frame that was in the back of my closet, turned the picture that comes with the frame upside down and pulled a calendar sheet from my wall calendar and attached it with double sided tape. If you don’t have a wall calendar, you can always print a calendar from your computer. Next I pulled out some handy dandy dry erase markers (color coded for each family member so I can see who has responsibilities at a glance from across the room). Schedules, volleyball games, and commitments can be written directly on the glass with a blank space on the side for notes.

Chore Charts include a 14x14 personalized magnetic white board, 10 chore magnets of your choice, and  a dry erase marker.  

Chores to choose from include:
Bathtub, sink, tooth brush, comb and mirror, homework, dusting, girl praying, boy praying, books, bed, toy box, piano lessons, music notes, car, rake, lawn mower, shovel and tree, watering can, baby, pet food, fish bowl, dog, cat, bird and shoes.

 Although orders are being taken at this time, chore charts will not be available until mid October.

Chore Chart: $28.00
Additional Magnets: 5 for $4.00.

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